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Rare Isle of Wight Michael Harris Signed ‘Tortoiseshell’ Glass Charger

Ref# NIML-4026
Heading : Isle of Wight Michael Harris glass charger
Date : 1973 - 1980
Period : 20th century
Origin : Isle of Wight, England
Colour : Amber, mottled reds and browns
Features : Mottled red and brown cased glass is pulled around the bowl, the reds become more vivid in the centre. Powder-like amber gives a tint to the entire piece, varying sizes of air bubbles are also worked into the piece.
Pontil : Polished and signed ‘Michael Harris England’
Glass Type : Lead
Size : 3 1/4 inches tall and 17 3/16 inches in diameter
Condition : Excellent, no chips or cracks, clean and clear
Restoration : None
Weight : 2950 grams

Additional Information : Large chargers are very rare and could only be made by Michael Harris himself at the time. At the time of production they were very costly and very few were produced for sale. The ‘Tortoiseshell’ & ‘Aurene’ ranges proved the most popular. The shell of the endangered Hawksbill sea turtle with its mottled dark brown or reddish-brown pattern was the inspiration behind this range.

Price: £650