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Very Unusual Large Set of Bottle Moulds

Ref# MMPC-4696
Very unusual large set of 24 bottle moulds along with a stamp, dating from the early 20th Century. They originate from the glassworks 'John Lumb and Co' which was based in Castleford, West Yorkshire from 1845 till it closed in 1985.

It is commonly understood that the Roman name for Castleford was Lagentium, which is believed translates to 'The Place of the Bottles' from the Latin 'lagenae' meaning bottles or flasks.
In 1968 when houses were demolished on Welbeck Street, Castleford. Lots of glass making paraphernalia was found confirming that glass making did occur in the area during Roman times.

The modern Castleford glassmaking industry dates back to 1829 when four glassblowers from Hunslet, Leeds founded the Mear glass bottle works at Whitwood Mere. In the late 1880's Castleford was reputed to be the largest bottle manufacturing centre in Britain, producing over twenty million bottles annually, mainly for export.

They vary in size, the tallest bottle measures 31cm high and the shortest measures 15cm high.

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