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Wonderful Late Victorian, Ivory Folding Ruler, 12 inches Long.

Ref# MTDB-4319
This is my beautiful Ivory Folding Ruler. It folds in half, then half again, having 3 hinges and 4 quarters. I believe it is from late Victorian era, circa 1880.

It has silvered metal hinges, and one quarter has a metal centre with a measuring scale etched into it.

It measures 12" long, but when it is closed it is approx 3.3".

Condition wise, it does have a break, with a repair, but I believe it is a very old break and hence an old repair. It is actually very well repaired, is structurally strong and still flat to the surface so can be used. The outside is discoloured from handling but the inside is wonderful. Beautiful Ivory colour, with just fantastic script for the numbers.

The folding mechanism is so well done, still opens and closed so smoothly to this day, despite being nearly 140 years old! It has a mark on it, possibly a makers mark, but it is slightly obscured by the discolouring. It ends in AKERS, but not sure what the start is. (If anyone knows, i'm always wanting to learn so would be interested to hear)

This really is an unusual and beautiful piece of craftsmanship, that could still be used today. I love it!

I'm happy to post internationally, just ask me for a quote for your country.

Any questions, ask away!

Price: £65