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Late 19th Century Stereographoscope, ebonised wood with beautiful embroidered plush front panel. Really Stunning Item!

Ref# MTDB-4193
I have for sale a beautiful and unusual Late 19th Century Stereographoscope.

It is made from Ebonised wood, a popular practice in late 19th Century. It has a lovely folding action and is adjustable, so the stereoview card holder can slide up and down, as well as the box itself can adjust to sit at different angles.

A stereoviewer is a item that is used to view special cards. The cards were taken with a special camera, that takes two photos of the same image, from slightly different angles. This means that when viewed threw the Stereoviewer, the image appears 3D. Quite the entertainment in Victorian times! They are cool items, but are usually hand-held. Whats unusual with mine, is it has an extra magnifying glass aspect to it. So it has dual actions. You can view your Stereoview cards, as well as read notes you have made, view normal photos, or anything you want to see up close. My item would have been a high end item in its day. The extra aspect of two viewing systems was rather unusual.

I date it to approx 1880. What also makes this a special item is the Embroidered Plush front to it. It is a beautiful fabric with embroidered design of flowers to it. And this fabric is in such good condition. The colours are great, its a stunning aspect to it as other Stereographoscopes tend to just have fancy wood designs to the front. The fabric aspect of this makes it really unusual.

Condition wise, there are a few issues. The front fabric is wonderful, could possibly use a clean. There has been some restoration to it. There is a crack to the Larger Magnifying part, though the glass is in great condition and held well in the scope. The Stereoviewer scopes, one is slightly loose, but makes no real difference to it's structure. There are a few thin cracks to the edges of the wood, though they have been restored well as the wood structure is solid. There is also a bit of ebonisation missing from the lower corner. I believe that could easily be fixed. The clasps are also possibly missing a part that you'd press to open. Though they work fine, just feels as if something is missing. It also has a few replacement pins, though they work really well. Being made of wood and from 1880, i'd expect issues, so for me they are part if it's character and history. I have included as many photos as I can to show you the issues, but also show you how beautiful it is. It looks so good, opened up on display. I doubt very much if your friends would have one!

This really is a great item. It looks fantastic and would be great on display in any room. It is also functional. So if you have Stereoview cards, it could be used for them. If you want to display a special photo, it would look stunning clipped into the holder and magnified through the lens. Would be great part to anyone's collection.

Sizes: The viewing lens is 5" and when closed it is approx 11" long. Fully stood up it is just over 17", but has 3 adjustable height settings.

I am happy to post internationally, for a worldwide country, let me know where it needs posting to and ill get you a quote.

Any questions, just ask.

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