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Wedgwood Fairyland Lustre Imperial Bowl

Ref# KHRD-3407
Wedgwood Fairyland lustre large Imperial bowl designed by Daisy Makeig-Jones.

The exterior decorated with the 'Popular Trees' Flame Fairyland pattern (Z5360), featuring different views of an Italianate park with cypresses, statues, fountains, temples, and bridges. This pattern variation features a tapestry of rich colours from the deep peacock blues and greens dotted with flowers, contrasting to the powerful Flame sky with swirling breezes, and Rothwell bead border to the base.
The interior decorated with the 'Elves and Bell Branch’ flame fairy pattern, featuring a mythical scene featuring fairies, elves, kobolds, and other little fairy folk in a dark cave from which they cannot escape as a magical spider (Oni-demons after dark) has spun a web to trap them. Their hope comes in the form of a golden bird with a Bell Branch. Whenever the branch is waived, who ever hears it is put to sleep, and the Fairies are debating on how to put the spider under its influence, without being overcome with sleep themselves. In this pattern variation the sky is a green mother of pearl, the toadstalls, wings and drapery of the central figures are in an orange lustre over shaded crimson.


23.3cms diameter, 10.4cms high.

Price: £3795