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A Composite Civil War Period Harqebusier Armour, Circa 1640

Ref# DVGH-2719
Helemt: of classic form, with a two piece skull, with a single-piece neck-guard embossed with three simulated lames, a pivoted peak fitted with three face bars, and two cheek pieces attached with leathers.
Exterior marks: None.
Internal batch marks: struck with 'XX' batch marks.

Breastplate: Made of a single plate, forged into the typical form with low medial ridge drawn out to a small point on the base, plain turned edges at the neck and armpits. It is fitted with a pair of studs for the shoulder straps, and has a short flared skirt.
Exterior marks: Struck with a 'Crowned A' at the neck.
Internal batch marks: None.

Backplate: Forged from a single plate, shaped tot he shoulders, and in the lumbar area is forged out into a shallow flange, plain turned edges at the neck and armpits. The backplate is connected to the breastplates by two plated shoulder straps and a leather waist belt.
Exterior marks: Heavily stamped at the neck, struck with numerous marks: a 'Crowned A' at the neck, also 'Crowned IR' - the arsenal mark of the reign of James II; 'IH' - the marks for John Hill and John Holloway circa 1630. There are also some interesting ownership marks engraved into the backplate 'I' and 'H'
Internal batch marks: None.

Price: £6500