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Exceptional Irish Hedge Armchair

Ref# DPTR-4754
As fine an example as one could find of true Irish country furniture. Proportionally this chair is exceedingly generous, often these were far more diminutive due to lack of available timber. And its surface is unaltered, beautifully worn in the most glorious hues of old paint.

Probably constructed of mixed timber components, ash is primarily used, with an elm slab seat.

Whilst these are often called ‘famine chairs’ they were not necessarily localised to such periods. The term seems to have been established by antiques dealers during the 20th century corresponding with the influx of interest in ‘Irish pine’. ‘Hedge chair’ is certainly the most accurate descript of such articles, made by the hand of the hedge carpenter who often led a somewhat nomadic life.

Pieces of this scale and quality are necessarily rare. Post 1950 fashions began to drastically change in rural Irish households and perhaps there was an element of shame attached to the old, primitive furnishings that had been inherited by many generations and the poverty associated. Thus so many pieces were disposed of or sold from their original homestead.

Circa 1800-1850.

Height 79cm

Please note: this chair will feature in a display conducted by the Armagh County Museum and whilst it is available to purchase it will not be dispatched or available for pickup until February 2018.

Price: £950