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Irish Carpenter's Chair In Original Paint

Ref# DPTR-4750
A Carpenter’s armchair from the westerly shores of Lough Neagh, Co. Tyrone.

These chairs are so called, simply, because of their construction by skilled carpenters. These individuals were normally settled and established in their localities as opposed to the more nomadic lifestyle of the lesser skilled hedge carpenter.

Often these chairs see little stylistic change through the years due to isolation of communities and often the mentality that the old ways were the best ways.

This example is constructed of ash with layers of brown paint in various hues. A painted surface protected timber from the damp, a glossy finish helped to reflect light in a darkened room and colour could be changed and freshened with ease. Generally forming part of a united scheme throughout the home.

This particular chair has a thoughtful inclination to the back with delightful wear to the arms and front stretcher.

Tenon and pegged construction is used and there is a slight bit of movement in the frame. This does not affect the structural integrity of the chair and in the spirit of conserving the piece is not thought detrimental or necessary to address. Still in very usable condition, and a rare survivor.

Ulster, circa 1850.

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