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Remarkable Pair Of Signed Irish Hedge Chairs

Ref# DPTR-4745
A pair of composite seat hedge chairs, a style seen primarily in Ulster, with their original painted surface.

Constructed of ash and pine, their design employs the use of several boards of timber to establish a seat as opposed to a slab as seen on other hedge chairs and conventional Windsors.

Low seating of this nature was widely used by adults (not explicitly children as some would suggest) often on stone or earthen floors. This coupled with through-wedged legs lacking stretchers made them more stable in such environments.

Aside from their unaltered attractive surface texture and colour the fact that both chairs bear initials, of perhaps the carpenter or then owner, is remarkable. These are seen to the underside of each seat, one far clearer than the other reading what appears to be, “T A R”.

Ulster, post 1850.

Price is for the pair.

Price: £650