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WWI Propaganda Poster by Jean Droit

Ref# MMPC-4536
This is a striking French WW1 propaganda poster by Jean Droit (1884-1961). Published by Devambez, Imp. Paris. 1918. Colour Lithograph.

The poster depicts a French soldier climbing out of a trench and says ‘4e Emprunt National, Souscrivez. Société Centrale des Banques de Province.' The title translates to: The 4th National Loan. Subscribe.

During the First World War, these National Defence Loans were used by the French government to raise money. Unsurprisingly, the length of the conflict and the amount of material used meant that the war effort was a costly exercise. The civilian society were invited to contribute with their savings. To convince the Home Front a vast range of posters and postcards playing on patriotic feelings were printed in order to mobilise the rear and make it feel involved.

Jean Droit was born August 1884 and died December 1961. He was a French painter, illustrator and writer.

From an early age, he manifested himself as a natural artist and watercolorist above all. In 1911, he had his first exhibition of watercolours by Jean Droit at the Galerie du Roy in Brussels.

His posters and illustrations were published in numerous magazines and in luxury books, were universally known and appreciated. Shortly before 1914 , he designed the plates for the Belgian Army uniforms.

As soon as he returned to France, he was a draftsman at the Manufacture de Sèvres, and resumed his artistic and educational activities. He very quickly became famous for his posters. Several of his works appear at the Royal Museum of the Armed Forces in Brussels.He is also the creator of wall decorations and drawings for the luxury publisher Piazza.

The poster measures 112cm by 79cm and the frame measures 119cm by 86cm.

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