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Young Guns of the Antiques Trade Campaign

Britain’s next National Antiques Week will highlight and celebrate younger members of the trade who will shape the future of antiques, collectables, vintage and retro. Far from being a stuffy, staid and stodgy industry that’s dying off, the industry is as vibrant as ever and is changing with the times.
A vibrant band of young people under 39 are working across all areas – owning shops, taking over established and sometimes reviving weary family firms, working as auctioneers ...


Book Review: Killer Stuff & Tons of Money

As the nights grow chilly and draw in on us, there’s nothing more enjoyable than the cliché of curling up on a comfortable antique chair with a good book. Books about antiques and collecting that don’t focus on a particular subject area are rare, probably due to the potentially limited readership. Those that do get published invariably focus on a salacious scandal to sell copies, such as The Art of The Steal which covered Christie’s and Sotheby’s and their price-fixing agreement.