How To get Involved

Young members of the antiques and vintage trade, including auctioneers, fair organisers, and those working in related sectors such as PR and antique dealer trade association sectors, aged 39 and under, are all welcome to apply for membership of the Antiques Young Guns web site. We are listing below all the information you need to join and we look forward to hearing from you!

  • Am I eligible?

    Antiques Young Guns are exactly that. A crack team of pioneers in the antiques world – who are young. To be eligible to join, you must be aged 39 or under at the time of application. No exceptions!

    However, it’s not all over when you pass the age of 39. Time passes to quickly and we won’t kick you off the site. Providing you have been a paying member of the site for a minimum of one calendar year, you will become an ‘Alumnus Antiques Young Gun’. Providing you abide by our Terms & Conditions and site rules and keep paying your membership fee, you may remain an ‘Alumnus Young Gun’ and enjoy all the benefits that this brings for as long as you wish.

    To qualify, you must also demonstrate your interest in and passion for the worlds of antiques or vintage. If you really love, it, you’ll know how to express yourself. If you work in these worlds professionally, you can be anything from a dealer to an auction house specialist, author, researcher, fair organizer or restorer. We’re not fussy.

  • What does it cost?

    All Antiques Young Guns get a Profile Page comprised of an image of your choice and a short description of you and your passions for the business or your chosen area. This is ideal if you simply have a passion for antiques or vintage, or work for a larger company such as an auction house. You will be listed in ‘Our Members’ accessed via ‘Young Guns’ on the main menu bar of the site. Annual membership for a Profile Page costs £100 per year.

    If you are a professional dealer or restorer, as well as the Profile Page described above, you can list any amount of items of your stock or services including descriptions and prices. These will be listed under your name in a ‘store-front’ within the dedicated ‘Marketplace’ section of the site and can also be accessed from your Profile Page. You can include your full contact details so that any potential buyer can contact you to find out more or arrange to buy something direct. Annual membership for this service costs £220 per year.

    If you work for or represent an auction house, you can create a preview for an auction that will appear in a dedicated part of the site called ‘Auctions’ accessed from the main menu bar. This service allows you to create a page advertising full details of a forthcoming sale, beneath which you can list any number of selected lots. This can also be accessed from your ‘Profile Page’ and a special ‘Visit Our Auction’ button will take users direct to your auction house’s website. Annual membership for this services costs £220 per year.

    Extra Charges
    We don’t charge any additional fees for any sales made or business developed via our site, nor will we ask for a percentage of the sale value. All we ask is that you keep your stock or auction previews up to date - the eyes of the world are looking at us!

    We’re All Talk!
    All Young Guns are strongly encouraged to post on our blog, network on our Facebook group and on Twitter . We’re a group of internet-savvy young people and our rapidly growing, varied audience includes the same. This costs nothing. You’ll get out what you put in, if not more!

    Other Important Things
    Antiques Young Guns Ltd and its website are not registered for VAT. All membership fees are handled by [Paypal] and we will invoice your registered email address via Paypal. Membership lasts for one calendar year from the date of payment of the annual membership fee.

  • What do I get for my hard earned cash?

    Even though it was only founded in Summer 2011, Antiques Young Guns has already attracted keen interest from across the world. We’ve been profiled in trade and national publications such as the Antiques Trade Gazette and Homes & Antiques Magazine, Antiques News and Fairs and have appeared at major fairs such as the Decorative Antiques & Textiles Fair and Antiques For Everyone. We have built close relationships with some of the best antiques and vintage organizations around including Clarion Events, the Antiques Trade Gazette, LAPADA, BADA, Online Galleries, Antiques News & Fairs and myriad of regional trade organizations.

    The founding team bring their own unique benefits to the table with PR and media might under the belt and will continue to promote and represent the Young Guns movement at every opportunity

    The founding team has been able to negotiate favourable rates for attending numerous fairs that are well below those that you would pay if you approached the organisers yourself. We’ll continue to work on this on your behalf.

    Together we’re stronger and the more of us that there are, the better deal we can get for you. We’ll aim to get as much promotion for our group efforts as possible from featuring Antiques Young Guns on our partners’ websites to important publications. Every now and again, certain Antiques Young Guns will be selected for dedicated promotion, so tell us if you have something particularly exciting or important for sale or that you are working on – a ‘media hook’ always helps.

  • I want in. What do I do next?

    The first step is to fill in below online application form. Just be yourself, and don’t worry. Gail, George and Mark (the founders) will then review it and let you know if your application to become an Antiques Young Gun has been successful. Don’t worry, we’re friendly people and we want to include as many people as possible. The antiques and vintage worlds are full of ‘individuals’ and ‘characters’ (that’s part of what makes it so much fun!) and we want to make sure that you’re amongst friends, and the best type of friends at that.

  • Phew, I got in, so what next?

    Once your application has been accepted, you’ll be emailed with a log in name and a password. You’re responsible for these, so please don’t pass them on or let anyone else know them. Please contact us immediately at if someone else does and we will change them for you.

    Once you log into your account, you will be able to upload an image and a short description of yourself, or what your business does.

  • What can I upload?

    The image may be of you, of your shop, your logo, or of something that you feel represents or speak about you and your passions for antiques or vintage.

    Any text should describe you or your business in a simple and as easy to understand way as possible. Please use something like Word to write it. And pay attention to those wiggly red and green lines – spelling and grammatical errors won’t do you any favours and you never know who will look at your profile page. Please don’t use txt spk, emoticons or other online shortcuts, it will only limit your market as those who don’t like it will be put off.

    Please don’t upload anything rude, nasty, stolen or illegal. Nobody will be impressed, and it won’t be there for long.

  • What about my stock?

    You will have your own self managed store front on this site and can upload as much stock as you wish to, including descriptions and prices. You must make sure that your contact details are correct so that any potential buyer can contact you to find out more or arrange to buy something direct from you. We don’t get involved in your transaction, and we won’t charge any additional fees for this service or ask for a percentage of the sale value.

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Step 1
Register as a member

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Step 2
Confirmation & Membership fee

We will review your membership application and get back to you shortly (usually within one working day). Once your application has been accepted, you’ll be emailed with a PayPal invoice, with the amount reflecting the Membership Type you have chosen. Profile Only Membership costs £100 per year and the Membership with Storefront or Auction Preview Feature is £220 per year. To get the access to your member account, you'll need to pay the invoice with PayPal link enclosed in the message.


Step 3
Your Access

As soon as we receive memberhip subscription payment, we'll send you access to your member account. Since then your profile will be live on website and you will be able to log into your account and upload an image and a short description of yourself, or what your business does. If you register as Storefront/Auction Preview member, you'll have instant access to your stock management or auction preview feature.