Nicola Smillie

I’m the third generation of my family to participate in the trade, and as the youngest by some three decades, I’m always eager to embrace and make the best use of modern techniques to enhance our business model – the integration of tradition and innovation ensures that we have a fresh, forward looking approach to everything we do, whilst ensuring that we remain acutely aware of how clients expect to be treated, and the importance of old-fashioned values.

Personally, I enjoy the challenge of bringing what may once have been considered a rather staid and dusty trade bang up to date with the use of social media as both a marketing and communications tool. Having the ability to take business transactions entirely on-line to customers in every corner of the globe should they so choose, or personal contact if they prefer blends the best of the old and the new.

The cardinal rule of online trading is simple accuracy. I particularly enjoy researching the provenance and history of pieces and the tangential paths that can sometimes take. I view it as a real compliment when someone buys an item I have described - they have put their faith in me and the rest our our team, and the value of that trust cannot be underestimated. Accuracy when describing an item and the focus on an explicit assessment of its condition are key elements of which we make an absolute priority.

I believe that using a glass, tea cup or plate is better than one solely taking it's place as a decorative object or curio in a cabinet. With the written articles which are a feature of our on-line presence, we hope that antiques be considered as pieces of living history, a story - and as much of a practical chattel for those currently entrusted with their ownership as it was for the original owner. When used with some care a simple antique glass filled with wine or beer becomes all the more enjoyable, you relax, and just, slow down.

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