James and Harry Wilson

Repton & Co brings together a collection of both antique and newly made items that will enhance and define the spaces we live, work and play in. With no particularly strict genre or style we buy and sell what we like and what we would like to live with. The simple things appeal the most; good colour, strong form, weathering, patina, age. There is a deep attraction to the elegance and beauty that comes from decay. Whatever it is called, it is that indefinable thing or feeling that something is just right.

The Repton and Co website is in the process of being built and should be up and running soon...In the meantime our instagram account @reptonandco will give you a flavour of our current stock. We will also have stock on the AYG store and if you have any questions or would like to come and visit us in the south lakes then please get in touch on 07493120423 or by email to


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