Matt Dobson

Basically I've always been interested in history. started collecting when I turned 30 and decided last year at 33 to try buying to sell. 

This years plan is to do at least one antiques fair, meet some new people (traders and customers), learn some more things and generally have fun and see what happens. 

Antiques selling wise, I buy what I find interesting. I tend to gravitate towards Militaria, Viking artifacts, medieval artefacts, roman artifacts (just love how crazy old some things can be and survive!), Walking canes, vintage/antique cameras and Victorian items. A wide range, but if something takes my interest, I'm happy to buy it. Love anything with a cool story, history is just so fascinating. Because I'm so new I'm constantly learning so I quite like buying a wide range of items as it makes me research them, continuing the learning. Recently I've bought some vintage sewing patterns, way out my comfort zone, as I found it interesting that people collect them!

I currently purely trade online, both buying and selling, though that's starting to expand to regular customers requests that I source for them. Hopefully this year I'll enter the real world and actually meet some people! 

one last thought...isn't it just amazing what history you can hold in your hand when you buy an antique item? I do my best to give you as much history as I can with my items. 




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