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Matthew Goymer

Hello there and welcome, my Lords, ladies and gentleman, it is an honour, a privilege and lets not be coy about it sometimes financially rewarding when some of you visit me online and purchase the odd curio, I hope you have as much fun with your items as I’ve had finding them.

I have been selling antiques and collectables for a full time living (it is so not a job it is too much fun!) since February 2000.

Prior to this I worked in a Midlands antique auction house for five years, my job involved the normal auction house tasks of overseeing sales, valuations, cataloguing and auctioneering.

I try to offer an eclectic range of wares from silver, paintings, toys, pocket watches, bronzes, collectables, or anything weird and wonderful, so to be honest you will never really know what is coming up next!

So sit back and relax and scroll through my wares, you never know you might just find that odd thing you did not know you wanted ready and waiting for you!

Good luck, take care and good antique hunting!

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